The Existence of Teachers in Classroom

The Existence of Teachers in Classroom

Teachers play an important role in classroom. They are the central figures in the class. It, however, must not be negatively interpreted. The term central or dominant in this case is not identical with the authoritarianism. It does not mean that they are only authorities in the class such as happened in the traditional teaching situations by which the teachers were the only sources of information and could not be intervened. The students, as a result, were the objects of teaching and less important. They did not have right or “bargaining position”. Although just a little, to self-actualization as asking question, correcting, reviewing their teachers’ ideas and the like. To do so, therefore, was regarded impolite and unusual.

In the modern classroom interaction, despite, the existence of teachers has changed thoroughly. Anyway, they are not the only sources of information and students are not that teaching objects anymore. The students are not only the information receivers, but they may be information givers. Teachers and student’ existence is “comparable”. They may take and give one and another, without reducing their respect to teachers.

The terms central or dominant in this discussion, then, is similar with collaboration, that is the collaboration between teachers and students and among the students in succeeding an ideal teaching learning activity. In this opportunity, teachers may perform as organizers and students are their good members. Good members will not let the leaders get explained without close attention. Conversely the leaders will not look over their followers as the supplementary objects. Teachers, in this case, should be good collaborators.

The question is why teachers are so “central” or “dominant” among the other components? This is because they are the only adult figures who are responsible to organize all the components that influence teaching learning activities including students. We cannot underestimate their strategic comedown from the very beginning. To be clear, let the writer elaborate their crucial existence in the following chapters.

Firstly, teachers are the teaching objective designers. These are their own duty to do. They could not render the jobs to others take for instance for their students or assistants. They also could not hung on their duty to their companions. They must do these themselves so they must be skillful to achieve the fruitful goals. To do so is not an easy job because they are necessary to formulate the general objectives accurately and that specific objectives accurately and that specific objectives operationally. Both of which must be different because the former should describe the general goals which will be achieved and the later describes the specific goals that will be reached. They should manage them conscientiously since the goals of learning interaction are described in the objectives and will influence in the way of elaboration.

Then, when the interaction has been going on, teachers must be skillful to perform in different styles in front of their students. They must be ideal collaborators who are able to create such a good collaboration among different students having different characteristics and potentials. They must also be managers responsible for organizing class activities, be motivators when they find their students reluctant to study, and also be facilitators making the students easy to study and the like. In arranging the class, they should not lost charisma, even though, they might not make their students frighten, to do so, they are to endeavor their ability since they are the only persons committing to create such a kind of atmosphere.

Next, presenting instructional materials in classroom is not as simply as somebody assumes. Exactly, the most instructional materials tend to be boring; teachers, however, must be qualified to reconstruct, decorate, and cover the instructional material weakness in order that the materials look important to study and are easy to understand. As a matter of fact again, they are necessary to reconsider a few aspects as different students’ characteristics or traits, intelligence, speed in studying and to adjust them with instructional materials. This aims to arrange easily comprehensible teaching materials.

Afterwards, considering the method used is another teachers’ duty. The best method consideration cannot be undertaken at glance for it will bring about a big influence towards the success of the instructional material presentation. It means the presentation will be efficient if the selected method is appropriate, and yet, it will be fail because of the un-appropriate method used. In the consideration, teachers may not forget to review several elements which influence the application of the method such as the domains they want to achieve, the different potential of the students, the availability of teaching aids and also environmental condition. Without agility and adequate skill, they may not forget to review several elements which influence the application of the method such as the domains they want to achieve, the availability of teaching aids and also environmental condition. Without agility and adequate skill, they may easily depress when preparing the ideal method for teaching learning interaction.

Finally, when the “process” ends, teachers commit to prepare evaluation. This step is sometimes regarded as the last stage of the teachers’ duty but it is not absolutely the latest. When teaching learning interaction ends, they are responsible to make evaluation of the process to know whether this succeeds or not. The evaluation of teaching learning interaction proposed in the lesson plan is comparably useful to use. In addition, they immediately concern with formative test when they have finished one topic of instruction. Then, when a teaching program ends, together with their companions they should conduct final test held institutionally. The next corresponding duty after holding final test is correcting students’ paper, grading them to get the raw and the final score. This is followed by designing feedback and preparing the following program. The teachers’ duty, therefore, is never finished. Before a duty ends, the other activities have waited for being done. It is fair then to say that teacher is “central” in teaching learning interaction.

by: Mr. Ruwandi, MA