Anxiety and Speaking Skill Mastery

                English is a foreign language: even though, it is learnt by a lot of people around the world including Indonesians. The concerning persons learning the language are aware of the importance of the language whether as an oral or Read more

Language Laboratory

Language laboratory is not much discerned by academic communities in certain institutions. The use of it is still limited for lecturing listening skills nothing else. After the listening classes, the strange classroom circumstance may be far from academic touching. There Read more

Islam: between Ideals and Realities

                Islam is a universal religion. Islamic teachings are addressed to all human beings regardless their ethnicity, race, or nationality. They are persuaded to embrace it as far as they are willing to receive the region as the way of Read more

Intelligence and Language Study

The relation between language study and intelligence is similar with that of language, brain, language acquisition and language development. The relation of them in brain is conceptual but the products of the relation are very concrete. Take for instance; humans Read more

The Existence of Teachers in Classroom

The Existence of Teachers in Classroom Teachers play an important role in classroom. They are the central figures in the class. It, however, must not be negatively interpreted. The term central or dominant in this case is not identical with Read more

STAIN Salatiga Terbitkan Majalah

Seputar Salatiga Published by Suara Merdeka, January 15th 2009 STAIN Terbitkan Majalah Sidomukti-Fakultas Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris STAIN Salatiga telah menerbitkan majalah berbahasa Inggris bernama LINK. Sesuai dengan namanya, majalah tersebut diharapkan menjadi jembatan yang menghubungkan mahasiswa, dosen dan sekolah-sekolah dalam Read more