Aptitude and Language Learning

Everybody has an innate ability to master languages. However, one has different aptitude in the process and the progress of that language mastery. This is the fact that everyone speed in catching up language is individually isolated and various. Some Read more


By TPBI Newsletter Giving Feedback, it’s important for the fostering of good teacher-students relationships Penny Ur. (1996:242) defines FEEDBACK as “Information … given to the learner about his or her performance of a learning task, usually with the objective of Read more

TBI/KKI’s student wrote in Republika Newspaper

Ana Stnk Untuk ketiga kalinya “Namaku” dimuat di KORAN. ‪#‎Pertama‬ KOMPAS, Kedua SUARA MERDEKA dan ini REPUBLIKA. http://www.republika.co.id/berita/pendidikan/eduaction/14/01/24/mzwvyi-dompet-dhuafa-gelar-konferensi-perdamaian-pemuda (F)

Literature Appreciation LIVE in Performance

Friday, January 29th 2014, STAIN Salatiga’s meeting hall, Mr. Hanung’s class (Literature Appreciation) had an English drama performance instead of written exam in final examination. This became an annual activity. He said that students looked more interested and cheerful in Read more

Dot to Dot

Game : >1 students Aims: Fun Drawing, Learning Numbers, Listening, Vocabulary Things: Board & marker / paper & pencil, eraser 1. Please draw these for the first: .1            .2            .3            .4            .5            .6 .7            .8            .9            .10          .11          .12 .13          Read more

Beasiswa Unggulan Dikti

Buat yang mau Beasiswa Unggulan Dikti, nih alamat website yang bisa ditelusuri: 1. Information: http://beasiswaunggulan.kemdiknas.go.id/program 2. Apply online: http://buonline.beasiswaunggulan.kemdiknas.go.id/index.php/register Beasiswa Unggulan | Program Beasiswa Unggulan beasiswaunggulan.kemdiknas.go.id Sukrisno Nino TBI’10 (F)