HIde & Seek, Save Your Thing!!!

game: >= 2 people

Aims: Fun Hiding & Seeking, Learning Numbers, Speaking & Listening, Writing & Reading, Vocabulary

Things: 1 precious thing (It can be ball, book, pencil, etc)

1. 1 people as a seeker, others as the hiders

2. the people who keep the precious thing must close the eyes and count from 1 until 20, while the others are looking for a safe place to hide. But before they hide, they have to leave a clue or guidance where they hide (written: I hide only in the house)

3. after 20, the seeker must look for the others but he/she must keep the precious thing. It mustn’t be touched by other players.

4. he/she must find all of the players and safe the precious thing. After he/she found all of the victims, the victims stand (line up) behind the seeker and the seeker should choose randomly who will be the seeker by closing the eyes and mentioning the number of the player in the line. The new seeker found! but if the seeker couldn’t save the precious thing, so he/she must be the seeker again, until 3 times!

5. the winner is who never be the seeker 🙂

It is FUN GAME for ice breaking in learning for kids 🙂

Reference: Source: Hamlyn..2009.The Best-Ever Games for Kids.New York: Hachete.UK.Company

by: Marisa Fran Lina, S. Pd. I (Staff and Lecturer in English Department of STAIN Salatiga)