Category Quiz

game for >= 1, utensils: paper/board, pen/board marker, vocabulary and translation game
by: Marisa Fran Lina

This is one of the game that I usually use to teach the children in the grade of 3 and 5 of elementary school. This was a sudden game that we created together when it came to the ice breaking time. This game/quiz came from a TV show, Category Quiz, then we adapted into our game. It is very good to enrich tour students’ vocabulary.

We, divided the white board into 4 squares. After that, we wrote 1 category for each square. For example, I put Fruits in Square 1, Animals in Square 2, Comparative Degree in Square 3 and Superlative Degree in Square 4. Naturally, these categories could be replaced based on the students’ offers (commonly according to their topics learned). Don’t forget also to define scores for every square, for example Square 1 is 10, Square 2 is 20, Square 3 is 30 and Square 4 is 40. These scores determination are varied.

Now, it is time for starting the game. There were two participants; Zievan (my students of 5th grade of Elementary School) and Ersa (my students of 3rd grade of Elementary School). To decide the first turn, we usually play “suit”; scissors, stone and paper in 3 times. Finally, finding Ersa as the first player. Ersa chose the 1st square with the score 10 for each correct answers. I gave her 5 questions of fruits vocabulary. She must answered every questions not more than 5 seconds. The questions are related to fruits in English, so she must translate it in Indonesian or the otherwise. If she could answer 1 question, I would like to throw the question to Zievan, her rival. Then, Zievan will stole her score. I found it is quite interesting when they had to answer it quickly before the rival grabbed it.

The game continued until the square of superlative/comparative degree. In this section, they have to answer questions concerned with the form of adjectives in the degree. I also asked them about double syllables and the meaning in Indonesian, since they would get bonus score for every correct answer. In detail, I asked “Big”, they answer “Bigger” (comparison), with double “g” (syllables) and Indonesia is “besar”. Eventually, the results showed that Ersa was the winner because she derived much more scores than her brrother Zievan, she successfully opened the Square 4 which has the highest score for each questions. Congratulations! :)

by: Marisa Fran Lina

Thanks in deep for Zievan & Ersa :)

This table below shows how to start the game. Happy Playing.. :) (F)