The Art of Negotiation By Ari Setiawan, MM

One of the most important skills anyone can hold in daily life is the ability to negotiate. Some approaches will be consider very important they are: first, hard approach that shows essentially competitive bargaining; second, soft approach that shows extremely Read more

Self-Esteem in Language Learning

by Mr. Ruwandi, MA Self-esteem or self-confidence contributes the success of language learning. This may cause both positive and negative effects to learners as well as the learning processes. learners who have self-confidence will linearly succeed in language learning processes. Read more

The Teaching of Speaking in Big Classes

Speaking is one of the productive skills in language study. Learners’ skill in speaking is directly measured whether they are productive or not. Accordingly, they are called skillful if they always produce utterances through their vital organ of speech namely Read more

Empowering Individual Uniqueness

Every individual has different styles in foreign language study, both in the speed and in the strategies used. Some students are very “smart” in the study and in very limited times they have been skillful in making use the language Read more