From America with Love

Hey guys, Mr. Frank likes to swim at Muncul, and if you like to swim then you are welcome to join him. He is like a fish in the water and swims about forty minutes without stopping. If you join Read more

A Visit to Pare, the English Village

Introduction Some friends informed me that there was an English Village in East Java called “Pare”. Many friends said there were many foreigners who lived there. Others said that all the people spoke English, even the driver assistants and the Read more

Tak Ada Roti, Tempe Jadi Kesukaan

Suara Merdeka, 15 Januari 2009 Sonia Simon, Mahasiswa Pertukaran STAIN – Jerman             Bagi Sonia simon (23), mahasiswa Albert Ludwigs Universitat Freiburg Jerman, tiga bulan berada di Kota Salatiga terasa sangat singkat. Sebab, banyak pengalaman menarik yang dipetiknya, bahkan terasa Read more

The Work of the Brain in Language Learning

Based on the Oxford Learner’s Advanced Dictionary, learning is defined as acquiring and getting of subject or a skill by study, experience, or instruction. Specifically, Kimble and Garmezy (1963) define learning as a relatively permanent change in behavioral tendency and Read more

Aptitude and Language Learning

Everybody has an innate ability to master languages. However, one has different aptitude in the process and the progress of that language mastery. This is the fact that everyone speed in catching up language is individually isolated and various. Some Read more


By TPBI Newsletter Giving Feedback, it’s important for the fostering of good teacher-students relationships Penny Ur. (1996:242) defines FEEDBACK as “Information … given to the learner about his or her performance of a learning task, usually with the objective of Read more