The Preparations of TBI ‘s Comparative Study (KKL); Road to IALF Bali

Yesterday, Monday, June 9th, 2014, PPP (P3) STAIN Salatiga in collaboration with the Department of Tarbiyah (Education) TBI (English Education) held a preparation for Comparative Study of the VI semester students at STAIN Salatiga Hall in  Campus 2 at 9 am. The event was opened by the MC from P3 staff; Ahmad Samingan, S.Pd.I,  then followed a welcoming speech and opening remarks officially by the Vice Head for Academic Affairs; Dr. Agus Waluyo, M. Ag..

Then the next agenda is a technical description of the trip by a travel agent of RIO DIVA. According to him, we will use the ROYAL bus which included high class bus. Departing from Salatiga on Monday, June 16th, 2014 around 7 am with a total of 7 bus, and TBI students will occupy 3 bus. The destination of the first transit, around 12 or 1 pm for the break (lunch) at Ngawi East Java. Afterthat, getting off the bus for dinner in Probolinggo area, and it is expected to arrive at Ketapang Port in the early morning around 1 or 2 am and get ready to cross (Bali strait).

On arrival in Bali is estimated at dawn and continued traveling for several hours to Tabanan, Bali for a shower, breakfast, etc at the restaurant on the very beautiful waterfront. The next destination is Tanah Lot; the exotics Bali temple near the coast surrounded by unique and beautiful waves that swash from southern coast. After that the next destination is Bedugul; Bali temple on the plateau, then we visited Joger in Kintamani area and will visit places which serve the diversity of dance performance, one of them is Barong Dance of Bali. After ward, the participants will be brought to rest at the Grand Bali Hotel, with each room occupied by four people, and they are free to determine his own choice of partner.

The next morning, after breakfast at the hotel, participants will be headed to IALF (Indonesia Australia Language Foundation) Bali which is the core objective of this Comparative Study. Travel time is estimated to take 3 hours. Comparative Study will expire approximately at noon. Then continued to Tanjung Benoa for the break while enjoying some rides are offered there such as Banana Boat, paragliding / parasailing, etc.. About a half past 2 entourage will leave for the beach of Pandawa that beauty is not inferior to other famous beaches in Bali. For dinner, they will visit Local Resto there and usually shop for Balinese snack or knickknacks. Furthermore, back to the hotel to take a rest.

The last day (Thursday) in Bali, the participants will take a walk to the beach and then continued to Sanur Beach and Sukowati Art Market. Only after that the group will prepare to return to the Island of Java. Eventually, the technical explanation by the Travel Agencies.

The next briefing was taken over by the Chairman of the P3, Mr. Ahmad Maimun explain to all matters relating to physical health. That the participants do not have to be “down” on the trip with a fairly tight schedule. In addition, security is also a very important thing. Thus, he suggested to be cautious, alert and better not to bring items such as jewelry or precious things on the way. Therefore, he always find at least one case of goods or money lost when conducting the Comparative Study. Thus, it is expected that participants can keep their stuff well.

For the next agenda, Mrs. Mashlihatul Umami, MA as the Chief of Progdi TBI provides guidance in the form of making a comparative study reports on IALF Bali themed “Classroom Management”. Since it can not be denied that as soon as this Comparative Study conducted by VI  semester students of TBI will join the PPL (teaching practicum) program in Junior/Senior High Schools level around Salatiga. Thus, the material is very useful for the participants who in the future will be directed to become a lecturer / teacher. In addition, Ms. Umami also describes an overview of IALF oriented to the provision of training or preparation for the IELTS test for study abroad, especially in Australia. Then, presentation ended with a question and answer by the student, and Mrs. Umami advised to open in (IALF site) for further information. In addition, do not forget to remind students to always pray at every step and places visited for only by the protection of God we can be safe from every danger. This is because Bali is a lot of sacred places that we’d better fortify ourselves.

Hopefully this Comparative Study trip runs smoothly and brings fortune … Amien.

Contributor: Marisa Fran Lina


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